Longitudinal Administrative Data Dictionary, 2017
Table 2
Components of MKINC, 1982 to 2017

Table 2
Components of MKINC, 1982 to 2017
Table summary
This table displays the results of Components of MKINC. The information is grouped by Employment Income (appearing as row headers), Acronym (appearing as column headers).
Employment Income Acronym
Total earnings from T4 slips T4E__
Indian exempt employment income EXIND
Other employment income OEI__
Net business income BNET_
Net professional income PFNET
Net commission income CMNET
Net farming income FMNET
Net fishing income FSNET
Indian exempt self-employment income SEIEXIND
Other Types of Income
Limited partnership income LTPI_
Dividends XDIV_
Interest and other investment income INVI_
Rental income, net RNET_
Alimony or separation allowances ALMI_
Other income OI___
Pension and superannuation income SOP4A
RRSP income of individuals aged 65 and over RRSPO
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