Public Use Microdata File (PUMF) Collection

Release date: January 17, 2011

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This subscription-based service offers institutional access to the collection of available Statistics Canada Public Use Microdata Files (PUMF). For a yearly fee, designated contacts at subscribing institutions can view and download microdata and documentation files in the PUMF collection. Downloaded files can subsequently be shared with other persons affiliated with that institution for research and non-commercial use.

The annual fee for this subscription is $5000.

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How to Subscribe

Before subscribing, please check the list of subscribing institutions. If your institution is already a subscriber, please contact the person listed to gain access to the microdata.

Institutions wishing to subscribe must sign a licence agreement, agree to the Purchase Confirmation and appoint a designated contact at the institution.

How to Access

The entire collection of PUMFs is available via a password-protected FTP server. Designated contacts at subscribing institutions will need access to FTP software in order to access this server. The contact may then download microdata and documentation, and share it with other persons affiliated with their institution. Please contact your focal point, identified in the subscribing institutions, to request an account to access the PUMF Collection.

Please note that a statistical software package such as SPSS, SAS or STATA will subsequently be needed in order to run the microdata files and tabulate the results.

Alternatively, users can access data and metadata through Nesstar, a web-based exploration, extraction and analysis tool.

The Nesstar data portal consists of two catalogues of Statistics Canada data:

  1. Public use microdata files (PUMFS)
  2. Research Data Centre (RDC) master files

Users can search and identify variables of interest on the microdata files and determine whether a PUMF or a master file would best fit their research needs. The Nesstar software allows users to tabulate the microdata as they wish, thus eliminating the need for a separate statistical software package.

The metadata in this tool does not represent the complete collection of PUMFs and RDC master files because it takes time to mark up a file using Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) metadata standard and have it placed in the tool.

Please contact PUMF for how to connect to Nesstar.

Content of the Collection

The collection contains microdata files and associated documentation for all available, catalogued, Statistics Canada Public Use Microdata Files (PUMFs). The latest PUMFs released in The Daily are included in the collection, as are historical PUMFs.

Surveys represented in the PUMF collection

Surveys represented in the PUMF collection
Title Acronym Survey Number
Aboriginal Peoples Survey APS 3250
Absence from Work Survey AWS 3805
Access and Support to Education and Training Survey  ASETS 5151
Adult Education Survey AES 3879
Adult Education and Training Survey AETS 3879
Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey  ALL 4406
Adult Training Survey ATS 3879
Canada Health Survey CHS 3217
Canada Survey of Giving Volunteering and Participating CSGVP 4430
Canada's Alcohol and Other Drugs Survey CADS 4408
Canadian Alcohol and Drug Usage Monitoring Survey CADUMS Note: not applicable
Canadian Community Health Survey - Annual Component CCHS-Ann 3226
Canadian Community Health Survey - Nutrition CCHS-Nut 5049
Canadian Community Health Survey - Mental Health CCHS-MH 5015
Canadian Community Health Survey - Healthy Aging CCHS-HA 5146
Canadian Financial Capability Survey CFCS 5159
Canadian Health and Disability Survey  CHDS 3251
Canadian Income Survey CIS 5200
Canadian Internet Use Survey CIUS 4432
Canadian Out-of-Employment Panel Survey COEP 4423
Canadian Survey of Experiences with Primary Health Care CSEPHC 5138
Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey  CTADS 4440
Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey CTUMS 4440
Canadian Travel Survey CTS 3810
Census of Population Census-Pop 3901
Changes in Employment Survey CIES 4423
Compensation Sector Survey CSS 4449
Employment Insurance Coverage Survey EICS 4428
Ethnic Diversity Survey EDS 4508
Family History Survey FHS 4501
Food Expenditure Survey FES 3503
General Social Survey - Health GSS-Health 3894
General Social Survey - Giving, Volunteering and Participating GSS-GVP 4430
General Social Survey - Education, Work and Retirement  GSS-Edu 4500
General Social Survey - Family  GSS-Fam 4501
General Social Survey - Caregiving and Care Receiving  GSS-Care 4502
General Social Survey - Time Use GSS-Time 4503
General Social Survey - Victimization  GSS-Vic 4504
General Social Survey - Access to and Use of Information Communication Technology  GSS-Tech 4505
General Social Survey - Social Identity  GSS-SI 5024
General Social Survey Historical Database GSS-HDB 8011
Health Promotion Survey HPS 3828
Health and Activity Limitation Survey  HALS 3252
Homeowner Repair And Renovation Survey HRRS 3886
Household Internet Use Survey HIUS 4432
Households and the Environment Survey HES 3881
International Adult Literacy Skills Survey (Canada) IALSS 4406
International Adult Literacy Survey IALS 4406
International Travel Survey ITS 5005
International Youth Survey IYS 5117
Job Mobility Survey JMS 3809
Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health  JCUSH 5020
Labour Force Survey LFS 3107
Labour Market Activity Survey LMAS 3853
National Alcohol and Drug Survey  NADS 3873
National Child Care Survey NCC 3848
National Electronic Media Use Survey NEMUS 4424
National Graduates Survey NGS 5012
National Household Survey NHS 5178
National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth NLSCY 4450
National Population Health Survey - Household Component, Cross-sectional NPHS-HHS 3236
National Population Health Survey - Health Institutions Component NPHS-Health-inst 5003
National Private Vehicle Use Survey NPVUS 4407
National Survey of Giving Volunteering and Participating NSGVP 4430
National Survey on Drinking and Driving NSDD 3869
Ontario Adult Literacy Survey OALS 4433
Ontario Material Deprivation Survey OMDS 5161
Participation and Activity Limitation Survey PALS 3251
Postsecondary Student Survey PSS 3823
Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies PIAAC 4406
Public Service Employee Survey PSES 4438
Residential Telephone Service Survey RTSS 4426
Retirement and Pre-Retirement Survey RS Note: not applicable
School Leavers Survey SLS 3156
Sun Exposure Survey SES 4419
Survey of Alberta Apprentices and Journeymen SAAJ 3842
Survey of Annual Work Patterns SAWP 3801
Survey of Approaches to Educational Planning SAEP 4442
Survey of Consumer Finances SCF 3502
Survey of Displaced Workers  SDW 3845
Survey of Family Expenditures FAMEX 3504
Survey of Financial Security SFS 2620
Survey of Household Energy Use SHEU 4403
Survey of Household Spending SHS 3508
Survey of Job Opportunities SJO 3821
Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics SLID 3889
Survey of Leisure Time Activities and Reading Habits SLTARH 3815
Survey of Literacy Skills Used in Daily Activities LSUDA 3874
Survey of Maternity Leave SML 3851
Survey of Older Workers SOW 5158
Survey of Persons Not in the Labour Force SPNLF 4400
Survey of Self Employment SSE 3850
Survey of Smoking Habits SSH 3813
Survey of Union Membership SUM 3830
Survey of Volunteer Activity SVA 3865
Survey of Volunteer Workers SVW 3806
Survey of Work Arrangements SWA 3884
Survey of Work History SWH 3804
Survey on Ageing and Independence SAI 3885
Survey on Smoking in Canada SSC 4409
Survey on Work Reduction SWR 3831
Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians SINC 3808
Survey on the Importance of Wildlife to Canadians SIWC 3808
Survey on the Vitality of Official-Language Minorities SVOLM 5099
Travel Activities and Motivation Survey TAMS 4439
Travel Survey of Residents of Canada TSRC 3810
Travel to Work Survey TWS 3812
Victims of Crimes Survey Edmonton VCE 3837
Violence Against Women Survey VAWS 3896
Youth Smoking Survey YSS 4401

Subscribing Institutions

The following institutions are current subscribers to the PUMF collection. Persons affiliated with these institutions should contact the designated contact person within their institution (listed below) in order to gain access to the collection.

    • Bank of Canada
      Marta Blais
      Knowledge and Information Services
      234 Wellington Avenue
      Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G9
      Telephone: 613-782-8323
    • Brigham Young University
      Kevin Shafer
      Associate Professor, Department of Sociology
      Faculty Affiliate, School of Social Work
      Brigham Young University
      Provo, UT, 84602
      Telephone: 801-422-4410
    • Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
      Jean-Philippe Des Champs-Laporte
      Senior Researcher, Housing Indicators 
      Office off the VP, Housing Markets and Indicators
      700 Montreal Road, C2-310
      Ottawa, Ontario , K1A 0P7
      Telephone: 613-748-2670
    • Employment and Social Development Canada
      Jeff Perrault
      Strategic and Service Policy Branch
      140 Promenade du Portage
      Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0J9
      Telephone: 819-654-3724
    • Environics Analytics Group Ltd.
      Danny Heuman
      55 York Street, 10th Floor
      Toronto, Ontario M5J 1R7
      Telephone: 416-969-2839
    • Institut de la Statistique du Québec
      Stéphane Crespo
      Direction des statistiques sociodémographiques
      200, chemin Ste-Foy, 3rd Floor
      Québec, Québec G1R 5T4

      Annie Dupont
      Direction des statistiques sociodémographiques
      200, chemin Ste-Foy, 3rd Floor
      Québec, Québec G1R 5T4
    • Princeton University
      Bobray Bordelon
      Economics & Finance Librarian/Data Services Librarian
      Princeton University Library
      One Washington Road
      Princeton, New Jersey 08554
      Telephone : 609-258-3211
    • Provincial Health Services Authority
      Dr. Drona Rasali
      BC Centre for Disease Control
      655 West 12th Avenue
      Vancouver, British Columbia V5Z 4R4
      Telephone: 604-707-2493
    • Public Health Agency of Canada
      Merrilyn Allegakone
      Supervisor, Operations
      Data Coordination and Access Program (DCAP)
      Centre for Public Health Infrastructure (CPHI)
      120 Colonnade Road
      Ottawa, Ontario
      Telephone: 613-410-2278
    • Sidewalk Labs LLC
      David Ory
      Modeling Lead
      Sidewalk Labs
      10 Hudson Yard, New York, NY, 10001
      Telephone: 212-373-0800
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