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This study couldn't have been produced without the perseverance and professional contribution of several people.

This study was prepared by Boran Plong under the responsibility of the Director of Industrial Organization and Finance Division, Jean Leduc.

The author and the Analysis in Brief team would like to thank the reviewers and special contributors for their help and constructive suggestions.

Review Committee:

Emmanuel Manolikakis, Allan Tomas and Joe Wilkinson of Statistics Canada and John Lester of Finance Canada

Special contribution:

John Baldwin, Komal Bobal, Eric Boulay, Caron Boyington, Christian Lajule and David Sabourin of Statistics Canada

The Analysis in Brief team for this article included:

Editor and Advisor:

François Gendron


Yvan Gervais

In addition, the invaluable and professional contributions of Dissemination Division and Communications and Library Services Division are gratefully acknowledged.



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PLONG, Boran. 2009. "Indebtedness and Liquidity of Non-financial Corporations" Analysis in Brief, no. 82. November. Statistics Canada catalogue no. 11-621-M. /pub/11-621-m/11-621-m2009082-eng.htm. Ottawa.

When cited in footnotes, it should be as follows:

Boran Plong, " Indebtedness and Liquidity of Non-financial Corporations,"Analysis in Brief, no. 82, November 2009, Statistics Canada catalogue no. 11-621-M, /pub/11-621-m/11-621-m2009082-eng.htm, Ottawa.