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Map 15.2 - Enlarged version

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Map 15.2 Median 2005 earnings, by census division (CD)

Description for map 15.2

Map of Canada

Median earnings of the population in 2005, by census division.

Census divisions in Canada were divided into four groups. The groups are ranked from the highest to the lowest median earnings of the population. The white area on the map  represents sparsely populated regions in Canada and is not associated with a value for median earnings.

On this map, dark green and green correspond to census divisions with median earnings higher than $26,846 and yellow and orange correspond to census divisions with median earnings less than $26,847. Group 1 is dark green, group 2 is green, group 3 is yellow, group 4 is orange. The map shows that the national median income was $26,846.50.
The number of census divisions per group is also provided on this map. These numbers are provided in the following table.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2006.

Each census division is coloured according to the following data table:

Map 15.2 Median 2005 earnings, by census division (CD)
  Number of census divisions Group Colour
Median earnings      
$32,000 and above 10 1 Dark Green
$26,847 to $31,999 49 2 Green
$18,000 to $26,846 189 3 Yellow
Less than $18,000 40 4 Orange