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  • 21C0009

    The Farm Inputs Management Survey and associated database, an initiative by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Statistics Canada addresses a data gap at the national level regarding the management of three farm inputs: manure, commercial fertilizers and commercial pesticides.

    A total of 6,000 agricultural operators across Canada were surveyed from December 6-20, 1995. All farms in Canada (excluding the Yukon and Northwest Territories) in operation at the time of the survey were included in the target population with the following exclusions: farms with sales of agricultural products less than $2,000, farms located on Indian reserves, institutional farms, community pastures, and multi-holding companies.

    Data are available at the following geographic levels: Canada, Province, Ecozone and Ecozone within Province. Canada-level data summaries are provided in the report 21F0009XPE.

    Release date: 2003-04-01
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