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  • Stats in brief: 89-28-0001201800100011

    Everyone in Canada is, or has been, part of a family. The purpose of this Just the Facts edition is to celebrate families in Canada on Family Day 2019 (a statutory holiday in some provinces) by acknowledging their diversity and how they have changed over time. Data from the Census of Population and the General Social Survey together provide a snapshot of families today in the historical album of family life in Canada.

    Release date: 2019-02-18

  • Stats in brief: 11-627-M2018053

    This infographic highlights some of the information provided by the 2017 Survey of Household Spending. It presents the annual average spending on selected expenditures by various household types, including one person households, couples with and without children and lone-parent households. It also includes the percentage of homeownership and vehicle ownership by household type.

    Release date: 2018-12-12

  • Stats in brief: 11-630-X2015008

    In this edition of Canadian Megatrends, we look at at changes in household size from 1941 to 2011.

    Release date: 2015-11-23

  • Articles and reports: 82-624-X201500114138

    This article highlights rates of food insecurity in Canada from 2007 to 2012. It includes comparisons between adult and child food insecurity rates. Relationships between food insecurity and the source of income, household type, and the number of children in the household are also examined.

    Release date: 2015-03-25

  • Stats in brief: 98-312-X201100311703
    Geography: Canada

    These short analytical articles provide complementary analysis to the 2011 Census analytical document. These articles allow for a more in-depth look to relevant topics related to the Canadian population. The four articles linked to the families, households and marital status release and the structural type of dwelling and collectives release are entitled 'Fifty years of families in Canada,' ' Canadian households in 2011: Type and growth,' 'Living arrangements of young adults aged 20 to 29' and 'Living arrangements of seniors.'

    Release date: 2012-09-19

  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X20000045796
    Geography: Canada

    In 1998/99, on behalf of Human Resources Development Canada, Statistics Canada asked questions about food insecurity on the National Population Health Survey (NPHS) in order to select respondents to participate in a Food Insecurity Supplement. The result was data from a nationally representative sample. This article uses those data to examine the extent and possible determinants of food insecurity, several related health outcomes, and the use of food banks, soup kitchens or other charitable agencies by people who were food insecure.

    Release date: 2001-08-15

  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X20000045798
    Geography: Canada

    The analysis looks at socio-demographic and psychological characteristics and health behaviour that have been shown to be related to physical activity.

    Release date: 2001-08-15

  • Articles and reports: 63F0002X2000032

    This paper examines how food service providers and food stores competed for Canadians' food dollars in the 1990s, and how this intense competition affected both industries. The paper outlines some reasons for changes in both the demand for, and supply of, each industry's outputs. It also profiles in detail some characteristics of the consumer market for food services.

    Release date: 2000-12-06

  • Articles and reports: 63-016-X19990044946
    Geography: Canada

    This article will examine how food service providers and food stores have competed for Canadians' food dollars in the 1990s, and then look at how this intense competition has affected both industries. Each industry has evolved with the objective of improving efficiency and gaining additional market share.

    Release date: 2000-04-14

  • Articles and reports: 63F0002X1999023

    Canada's consumer market for entertainment services grew almost 50% in real terms from 1986 to 1996. Canadians are spending more on renting cablevision, video games videotapes and satellite services, and they still attend live sports events, movies and theatre. As a result, spending on entertainment services comprises a growing proportion of the average household's budget. This article explores the shares of Canada's consumer market for entertainment services that are accounted for by various household types and income groups.

    Release date: 1999-05-12
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  • Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 62F0026M2005001

    This paper provides some guidance to users on the use of medians and also gives some examples of situations when it can be a more appropriate measure than the average.

    Release date: 2005-05-17
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