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  • 81C0051

    Remote Data Access (RDA) is a pilot project of the Centre for Education Statistics. Under the program, researchers can write and test their own computer programs using a file with artificial data. Then they can send these programs via the Internet to Statistics Canada, where they will be run on the microdata file. The results are returned to the client.

    For the moment, the only survey file available is the 1998 Adult Education and Training Survey. However, the program will soon be extended to the 2000 Program for International Assessment and 2000 Youth in Transition Survey.

    This service is an alternative to Statistics Canada's Research Data Centres and regional offices, which are not always accessible to researchers. At the outset, Remote Data Access is available free of charge. There will be a minimal charge after an evaluation period of about three to six months. RDA is available to any researcher, provided Statistics Canada has approved their project.

    Release date: 2003-04-01
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