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  • Journals and periodicals: 82-221-X
    Geography: Canada

    Over 80 indicators measure the health of the Canadian population and the effectiveness of the health care system. Designed to provide comparable information at the health region and provincial/territorial levels, these data are produced from a wide range of the most recently available sources.

    This Internet publication is produced by Statistics Canada and the Canadian Institute for Health Information.

    Release date: 2019-11-28

  • Journals and periodicals: 82-625-X
    Geography: Canada

    Health fact sheets will include short, focused, single-theme analysis documents. Over the course of the series, analysis will include topics on: Health conditions, lifestyle, well-being, disability, prevention and detection of disease, deaths, pregnancy and birth, health care services and environmental factors.

    Release date: 2019-10-22

  • Journals and periodicals: 82-624-X
    Geography: Canada

    Each issue of Health at a Glance consists of a short non-technical article on topics that feature statistics from health-related surveys and administrative data.

    Release date: 2017-04-26

  • Stats in brief: 82-625-X201400111896
    Geography: Canada

    Statistics shown in this fact sheet come from vital statistics Canadian death database. These data are collected from all provincial and territorial vital statistics registries and contain demographic and medical (cause of death) information on all deaths in Canada.

    Release date: 2014-01-28

  • Stats in brief: 82-625-X201400111897
    Geography: Canada

    This fact sheet presents the age-standardized mortality rates and analyzes the trends in mortality rates since 2000, with emphasis on the leading causes of death.

    Release date: 2014-01-28

  • Articles and reports: 82-624-X201200111696
    Geography: Canada

    This article presents suicide trends and variations by sex, age and marital status, based on data from the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database.

    Release date: 2012-07-25

  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X201200111616
    Geography: Canada

    Based on incidence data from the Canadian Cancer Registry linked with mortality data from the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database, trends in prevalence proportions over time were calculated by time since diagnosis for a large number of the most common cancers.

    Release date: 2012-01-18

  • 8. Senior women Archived
    Articles and reports: 89-503-X201000111441
    Geography: Canada

    This chapter, entitled Senior Women, provides an overview of the situation of senior women in the population, analyzed from an historical perspective when applicable. We will examine their sociodemographic characteristics, including life expectancy, diversity, and family situation. Various factors are also associated with this population's well-being, such as social life, economic situation and health; we will therefore explore social networks and subjective well-being, volunteering, and the most recent trends in the labour force participation and income of senior women. Finally, we will present the most prevalent chronic health conditions in senior women, their lifestyle habits, the formal and informal care to which they have access, and the causes of death.

    Release date: 2011-07-26

  • Journals and periodicals: 82-584-X
    Geography: Canada

    This report is part of a larger study: the Canadian Forces Cancer and Mortality Study (CF CAMS). It examines causes of death in a cohort of individuals with a history of military service in Canada's Regular Force between 1972 and 2006. Separate analyses were carried out for the entire CF CAMS cohort and for those who were released from the Canadian Forces between 1972 and 2006.

    Release date: 2011-05-31

  • Articles and reports: 82-003-X200800110463
    Geography: Canada

    This article uses a geographic-based approach to estimate life expectancy in areas where at least 33% of residents were Inuit. The data are from the Canadian Mortality Database and the Census of Canada.

    Release date: 2008-01-23
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