Profile - Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity, Aboriginal Peoples, Education and Labour, Mobility and Migration, and Income and Housing for Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions, National Household Survey, 2011

Profiles of a community or region: 99-014-X2011016


Using 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) data, this profile provides a statistical overview of variables describing immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Aboriginal peoples, education, labour, mobility and migration, income and earnings, and housing and shelter costs.

In the National Household Survey product line, groups of related variables are referred to as 'release components of profiles.' These are made available with the major releases of variables of the NHS cycle, starting with the Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity, and Aboriginal Peoples releases. Together, they will form a complete NHS Profile of all the variables for each level of geography. Profile-component data are available at the Canada, province and territory, census division and census subdivision levels, at the census metropolitan area and census agglomeration levels, census tract level, and at the federal electoral district (based on the 2003 Representation Order) level.

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