Census Profile, 2016

Profiles of a community or region: 98-316-X2016001

Description: This profile presents information from the 2016 Census of Population for various levels of geography, including provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, communities and census tracts. Data are from the 2016 Census of Population and are available according to their release. February 8, 2017 – Population and dwelling counts; May 3, 2017 – Age and sex, Type of dwelling; August 2, 2017 – Families, households and marital status, Language; September 13, 2017 – Income; October 25, 2017 – Immigration and ethnocultural diversity, Housing, Aboriginal peoples; November 29, 2017 – Education, Labour, Journey to work, Language of work, Mobility and migration.
Issue Number: 2016001
Frequency: Occasional

Main Product: Census Profile

FormatRelease dateMore information
HTMLNovember 29, 2017
  • Correction: August 31, 2017

    Following the August 2, 2017 census release, language data anomalies were discovered for various geographic areas. An in-depth investigation to identify their source was conducted. For more details refer to the Update of the 2016 Census language data .

  • Correction: November 2, 2017

    An additional error was detected in the Census Profile data released on October 25, 2017. More specifically, the error has an impact on the "Selected places of birth for the immigrant population in private households” variable (stubset) in the “Immigration and citizenship” section.The numbers for the female and male categories related to this variable were reversed in all 60 stublines (i.e., the male data were displayed in the female column and vice versa). The data error affects all geographic levels of the profile. This issue does not have an impact on any of the other data in the Census Profile.

  • Correction: February 27, 2018

    After Statistics Canada was notified of inconsistencies in 2016 Census statistical data for some postal codesOM, an in-depth investigation was conducted. For more details, refer to Update of the 2016 Census forward sortation area (FSA©) level of geography.

  • Correction: February 14, 2018

    A labeling error was found in various ethnic origin data products released on October 25, 2017. In these data products, the labels for 'Samoan' and 'Polynesian, n.o.s.' were reversed. As a result, the cell counts associated with these labels were incorrect. The labels have been corrected and reloaded February 14, 2018.