Changing Patterns in Canadian Homeownership and Shelter Costs, 2006 Census - ARCHIVED

Stats in brief: 97-554-X2006001


This report provides information on homeownership and shelter costs in Canada from the 2006 Census. Topics include homeownership, the presence of a mortgage, condominium status, housing life cycle (or housing career), shelter costs and housing affordability. The report looks at the impact on several key groups: households in lower income groups, persons living alone, lone-parent households, seniors, immigrants and recent immigrants. Geographical differences are considered for provinces, territories and selected census metropolitan areas. The 2006 Census data showed that homeownership rose between 2001 and 2006, continuing an upward trend that began in 1991.

Issue Number: 2006001
Author(s): LeVasseur, Sandrine; MacKay, Devin; Rea, Willa
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