Private Households by Household Size (3) and 1995 Household Income (3), for Canada, Provinces, Territories and Forward Sortation Areas, 1996 Census (20% Sample Data) - ARCHIVED

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Series Description - The Basic Summary Tabulations Series (1996 Census of Population) provides data based on approximately 75 cross-tabulations of three or four census variables at five very detailed levels of geography. This series shows specific characteristics of the Canadian population considered either as individuals or in terms of their family or household relations, or with a characteristic pertaining to Canadian dwellings. The BSTs provide data based on a 20% sample except for Age, Sex, Marital Status and Common-law Status which are collected from a 100% sample.

These tables are available on diskette and cover all census variable information such as Demographics; Families (Number, Type and Structure); Structural Type of Dwelling and Household Size; Immigration and Citizenship; Languages (e.g. Mother Tongue); Aboriginal Origins, Ethnic Origin and Visible Minorities (Population Groups); Labour Market Activities and Household Activities (unpaid work); Place of Work and Mode of Transportation; Education; Mobility and Migration; as well as Individual and Family Income.

For ease in understanding the five levels of geography, the OLC numbers have related the last 3 digits to reflect the different geographies. See the information below.

**Under Geographic Coverage, we have listed the five geographies with OLC numbers.

BSTs ending with the following OLC #s represent:

001 - Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Divisions and Census Subdivisions
002 - Census Metropolitan Areas, Tracted Census Agglomerations and Census Tracts
003 - Canada, Provinces, Territories, Federal Electoral Districts (1987 Representation Order) and Enumeration Areas
004 - Canada, Provinces, Territories and Federal Electoral Districts (1996 Representation Order)
005 - Canada, Provinces, Territories and Forward Sortation Areas

Issue Number: 1996005
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