Employed Labour Force 15 Years and Over with a Usual Place of Work by Mode of Transportation (9) and Occupational Broad Categories (11) (Based on the 1991 Standard Occupational Classification), Showing Age Groups (7) and Sex (3), for Workplaces in Census Metropolitan Areas, Census Agglomerations and Corresponding Census Subdivisions, 1996 Census (20% Sample Data) - ARCHIVED

Tables: 94F0009X1996136


Series Description - The Dimensions Series (1996 Census of Population) provides an in-depth analysis of census data. More than 150 tables represent a variety of special interest subjects linking a number of Census variables. Statistical information is presented on themes of considerable public interest with some tables examining historical trends and other tables detailing significant sub-populations. Data for geographical levels of Canada, Provinces and Territories are most widely represented with some data tables produced at the Census Metropolitan Area level. The Portrait of Official Language Communities in Canada and the Portrait of Aboriginal Population of Canada contain some information at the community level.

The data tables are grouped by common theme and are available on 7 different CD-ROMs:

94F0004XCB96000 - Ethnocultural and Social Characteristics of the Canadian Population
94F0005XCB96000 - Canadian Income and Earnings for 1990 and 1995
94F0006XCB96000 - Labour Force and Unpaid Work of Canadians
94F0007XCB96000 - Place of Work of the Canadian Population
94F0008XCB96000 - Canadian Demographic Characteristics (including language and mobility)
94F0010XCB96000 - Portrait of Official Language Communities in Canada
94F0011XCB96000 - Portrait of Aboriginal Population in Canada

A detailed list of tables is included on each CD-ROM. Some tables show comparisons with data from earlier censuses to provide an historical perspective. It should be noted that the Dimension Series was not produced for the 1991 Census.

Issue Number: 1996136