Profile for Statistical Area Classification, 2006 Census - ARCHIVED

Profiles of a community or region: 94-581-X2006011


This table contains information from the 2006 Census, presented according to the statistical area classification (SAC). The SAC groups census subdivisions according to whether they are a component of a census metropolitan area, a census agglomeration, a census metropolitan area and census agglomeration influenced zone (strong MIZ, moderate MIZ, weak MIZ or no MIZ) or of the territories (Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon Territory). The SAC is used for data dissemination purposes.

Data characteristics presented according to the SAC include age, marital status, Aboriginal identity, mother tongue, knowledge of official languages, mobility status, immigration, visible minority groups, education, labour force activity, occupation, industry, income and dwellings. Data are presented for Canada, provinces and territories. The data characteristics presented within this table may differ from those of other products in the "Profiles" series.

Issue Number: 2006011
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