Population Ecumene Census Division Boundary File (Geography Products: Spatial Information Products, 2001 Census) - ARCHIVED

Geographic files and documentation: 92F0159X


The Population Ecumene Census Division Boundary File contains a generalised population ecumene based on 2001 Census population density data with at least one ecumene polygon for every census division (CD). It can be used to produce small-scale thematic maps of statistical data. This file is not a Cartographic Boundary File and it has its own reference guide (Catalogue No. 92F0159GIE).
Coordinates: Latitude/longitude (NAD83).


This product has been discontinued as of March 13, 2007. The last issue of this product was released on June 7, 2002.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: PDF (discontinued), CD-ROM (discontinued)