Survey on the Vitality of Official-Language Minorities (SVOLM): Public Use Microdata File, 2006, 1 - ARCHIVED

Public use microdata: 89M0028X2009001


This survey pertains to the vitality of Canada's official-language minorities, namely English-speakers in Quebec and French-speakers outside Quebec. The information collected allows for a more in-depth understanding of the current situation of individuals who belong to these groups on priority issues such as instruction in the language of the minority or access to different services in the language of the minority (i.e., health care), as well as language practices both at home and outside of the home.

The survey's target population consists of two groups: persons under the age of 18 in households where at least one parent belongs to the official-language minority and persons aged 18 and over who belong to the official-language minority in the ten provinces and the three territories. Persons living in collective dwellings and on Indian reserves are excluded.

Issue Number: 2009001
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CD-ROMJuly 21, 2009