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This QGIS tutorial covers attribute-based selection tools, which are used to query, select and subset features in a vector layer by specific criteria, conditions or values of interest within fields of the attribute table. Follow along as we work through different examples using the Select by Value and Select by Expression tools. Learn to isolate features by multiple criteria of interest, use additional selection methods (e.g. add, remove, and select features from a selection) and apply the SQL-like syntax for constructing expressions. This syntax is used in various QGIS tools. We’ll cover foundational rules, and then demonstrate creating expressions and applying associated operators to isolate text and numeric feature attributes. Learn to use wildcard characters and multiple fields in selecting features, as well as procedures for subsetting and exporting selected features to a new layer. You can then extend these skills in selecting and subsetting features by attributes in vector layers relevant to your own areas of work and expertise. We’ll continue building upon these skills in subsequent tutorials, including the next tutorial where we’ll use the Field Calculator and expression syntax to add new fields and edit feature attributes storing spatial measures, numbers and text characters.

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