Loading and Ordering Spatial Data in QGIS - ARCHIVED

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In this introductory tutorial, you’ll learn to navigate QGIS’s user-friendly interface, procedures to load spatial datasets in to the program from the Browser Panel and how to order vector layers of different geometry types for visualization in the Map Canvas. Additionally, learn how to save a project file (.qgz) and which properties are retained. Add your spatial data folder as a Favourite in the Browser Panel to facilitate loading data in future projects and tutorials. The demonstrated loading procedures extend to most major spatial formats including ESRI Shapefiles, file geodatabases, geopackages, as well as raster formats such as GeoTIFFs and JPEG2000 files, while those for other files (e.g. web-based and spatial databases) can be consulted in the QGIS user manual and other online resources. Apply these skills to load, toggle, rename and reorder (points above lines above polygons) layers of interest to you. As with other programs, ensure to save your project files frequently.

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