Aboriginal Peoples Survey, 2017: Concepts and Methods Guide - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 89-653-X2018001


This Concepts and Methods Guide is intended to provide a detailed review of the 2017 APS with respect to its subject matter and methodological approaches. It is designed to assist APS data users by serving as a guide to the concepts and measures of the survey as well as the technical details of the survey's design, field work and data processing. This guide is meant to provide users with helpful information on how to use and interpret survey results. The discussion on data quality also allows users to review the strengths and limitations of the data for their particular needs.

Chapter 1 of this guide provides an overview of the 2017 APS by introducing the survey's background and objectives. Chapter 2 outlines the survey's themes and explains the key concepts and definitions used for the survey. Chapters 3 to 6 cover important aspects of the APS survey methodology, sampling design, data collection and processing. Chapters 7 and 8 review issues of data quality and caution users about comparing 2017 APS data with data from other sources. Chapter 9 outlines the survey products available to the public, including data tables, analytical articles and reference material. The Appendices provide a comprehensive list of survey indicators, extra coding categories and standard classifications used on the APS. Lastly, a glossary of survey terms is also provided.

Issue Number: 2018001
Author(s): Léger, Danielle; Latendresse, Edith; Budinski, Ron; Vongdara, Brittny
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