Association between Food Insecurity and Stressful Life Events among Canadian Adults

Articles and reports: 89-648-X2021001


This study investigates the extent to which stressful life events may increase the likelihood of food insecurity among the Canadian adult population. Data from the Wave 4 (2018) of the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults (LISA) and multivariable logistic models were used for the analyses, taking into account the complex survey design and adjusting for other socio-demographic and socio-economic variables known to be associated with food insecurity. The results show that work and health-related stressful life events significantly increase the likelihood of exposure to food insecurity. The results also show that adults who reported having two or more stressful life events were about four times more likely to experience food insecurity than those who reported zero stressful life events.

Issue Number: 2021001
Author(s): El-Hajj, Alexander; Benhin, E.
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