An Overview of the Health of the Métis Population - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 89-637-X2009004


This report explores some initial findings regarding the health and well-being of Métis adults (aged 15 and over) and children (aged 6 to 14) from the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey. Information on self-rated health, physical activity level, and opinions on how Métis can improve their health are provided. Important indicators of health such as chronic conditions and healthcare utilization, and some key social determinants of health are also examined. Some comparisons are made over time (between 2001 and 2006), revealing areas of improvement and decline. In addition, some comparisons are made between Métis men and women from urban and rural areas and from different age groups. Finally, where possible, comparisons are made between Métis and the total Canadian population.

Issue Number: 2009004
Author(s): Janz, Teresa; Seto, Joyce; Turner, Annie
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HTMLFebruary 19, 2009
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