Inuit Health and Social Conditions: Supporting Data Tables - ARCHIVED

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A series of supporting data tables accompanies the Inuit analytical article from the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS). These tables provide data at the national level, for each of the four Inuit regions (Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut and the Inuvialuit region), along with data for Inuit outside these regions for major themes covered in the analytical article. Data for the Inuit identity population aged 15 and over are provided for: Participation in harvesting activities; diagnosed with arthritis/rheumatism, high blood pressure, asthma, stomach problems or intestinal ulcers, heart problems, tuberculosis and diabetes; smoking status; self-rated health status and; reasons for not completing elementary or secondary school. For Inuit children aged 6 to 14, tables include: contact with a pediatrician, general practitioner or family physician in past 12 months; contact with another medical specialist and; food insecurity.

Issue Number: 2008002
Author(s): Tait, Heather
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