Selected 2006 Census Data on the Aboriginal Identity Population - ARCHIVED

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This series presents selected 2006 Census data on the Aboriginal identity population. The data will be published in three parts. Part one contains data tables on Inuit and non-Aboriginal populations by Inuit regions. Part two contains data tables on Aboriginal identity groups (Inuit, Métis and First Nations people) and the non-Aboriginal population, for Canada, provinces and territories. Part three contains data tables on First Nations people by registered Indian status, living on and off reserve, for Canada, provinces and territories. The tables provide data on topics including population growth, age groups, living arrangements of children, language, labour, housing, earnings and total income. They are intended to complement the information provided in the 2006 Census releases.


The data on the Aboriginal identity population and First Nations people are not part of this series. The 2006 Census data for these groups can be found in the following data products:

Aboriginal Peoples: Topic based tabulations
Aboriginal Peoples: Special interest profiles

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