2006 Profile of Aboriginal Children, Youth and Adults - ARCHIVED

Profiles of a community or region: 89-635-X


The online product 2006 Profile of Aboriginal Children, Youth and Adults provides an extensive set of data about Aboriginal children, youth and adults (Métis, Inuit and off-reserve North American Indian) living in urban, rural and northern locations across Canada.

Key indicators from the 2006 Aboriginal Children's Survey (ACS) and the 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) are presented as part of an interactive online tool and provide data on a wide range of topics, including: family and community; childcare; nurturing; healthy living; food and nutrition; languages; education; social activities; labour activity; income; communications technology; housing; and community wellness. These data can be used to better understand the social and living conditions of Aboriginal people.

Data are presented for Aboriginal Peoples using the concepts of Aboriginal identity, Treaty Indian or Registered Indian status (as defined by the Indian Act of Canada) and Aboriginal ancestry.

Frequency: Occasional
Available formats: HTML