Do older Canadians have more friends now than in 1990? - ARCHIVED

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Having few satisfying or rewarding relationships can be a particular problem among older seniors, many of whom enjoy a reduced circle of friends after retirement that can be further reduced with the death of family and friends, loss of a spouse or partner, a move to a care facility, or activity limitations due to ill health. Although having a large network of friends may be desirable, the difference between having no friends and having at least one friend can be important for reducing isolation. Data from the General Social Survey (GSS) in response to the question asking Canadians how many close friends they have indicates that fewer women in the very oldest segments of the population are reporting that they still have close friends. This issue is of particular concern among senior women because they tend to make up the majority of those in the oldest segments of the population. At the same time, a large proportion of older senior women live alone.

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Author(s): Lindsay, Colin

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