Aboriginal Peoples Survey 2001 - Initial Findings: Well-being of the Non-reserve Aboriginal Population - ARCHIVED

Journals and periodicals: 89-589-X


The 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) is a post-censal survey of adults and children who reported Aboriginal ancestry, Aboriginal identity, Registered Indian status and/or Band membership on the 2001 Census. Approximately 76,000 adults and 41,000 children living in private households in the provinces and territories were selected to participate in the survey. The data were collected between September 2001 and January 2002.

The purpose of this article is to present the initial findings from the 2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey. Information on health, housing, education, residential schools and language are highlighted for Aboriginal people living off-reserve. While most of the focus is on adults, there is also information provided on children. Data showing change over time are provided as are some comparisons with the non-Aboriginal population.

For data on the Aboriginal population residing on-reserve, please see Aboriginal Peoples Survey 2001: Internet Community Profiles (Catalogue no.89-590-XIE).

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