Adult Learning: A Comparative Perspective: Results from the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 89-552-M2007017


This study provides comparative estimates of participation in adult education and training courses and programmes, duration of studies, engagement in informal learning and sources of direct financial support, based on results of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALSS), the Canadian component of the Adult Literacy and Life Skills study. It also examines levels of inequality in adult learning and reasons for participating in adult education and training, including the role of labour force status and job and workplace characteristics. Finally, it presents a review of the relationship between actual skill use and participation in both organized and informal forms of adult learning. Comparisons are made between Canadian provinces and territories and three selected countries, namely Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

Issue Number: 2007017
Author(s): Desjardins, Richard; Rubenson, Kjell; Yoon, Ee-Seul
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PDFOctober 12, 2007

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