The Many Guises of Innovation: What We Have Learnt and Where We Are Heading - ARCHIVED

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These notes capture some of the presentations and the subsequent discussions that took place during the meeting of Statistics Canada's Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division. For two full days, over 20 people talked about innovation from different perspectives and sought common understanding of the issues and consensus on where work on the subject should take the form of medium or longer terms. The meeting had a Canadian bias as it was part of the foresight progam of the Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division, but it would not have been as productive had Jan Fagerberg not been able to join the group and share the work of the Towards a European Area of Research and Innovation (TEARI) project, which he leads. The meeting was further enriched by the insights gained as members of different communities of discourse exchanged their knowledge and arrived at common conclusions.

Issue Number: 2004004
Author(s): Earl, Louise; Gault, Fred
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PDFJanuary 26, 2004