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The Survey of Innovation 1999 was conducted in the fall of 1999. It surveyed the manufacturing field and was the first innovation survey of selected natural resource industries.

This is part of a series of working papers based on the Survey of Innovation 1999. Previous working papers include an examination of national estimates of innovation in manufacturing and statistical tables of provincial estimates of innovation in manufacturing.

This document includes a description of survey methodology, as well as statistical tables for manufacturing industries at the national level for all non write-in questions from the Survey of Innovation 1999 questionnaire.

Tables present survey results on the following subjects:
competitive environment;
firm success factors;
percentage of innovative firms;
unsuccessful or not yet completed innovation projects;
activities linked to innovation;
sources of information;
problems and obstacles;
cooperative and collaborative arrangements;
most important innovation;
building and construction products;
natural resource products;
research and development;
intellectual property;
human resources; and
government support programs.

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