Are We Managing Our Knowledge? Results from the Pilot Knowledge Management Practices Survey, 2001 - ARCHIVED

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The results of this pilot Knowledge Management Practices Survey indicate that most firms are managing some aspect of their knowledge. At present it appears that firms are more actively managing the transfer and sharing of knowledge within the firm and external knowledge that could directly bear on their markets. Knowledge management practices are seen as important tools in improving firms' competitive advantage and as a manner to unite workers in the goals of firms' strategic objectives. In fact, the majority of reasons found to be most important to the firms show a slant towards internalising knowledge and protecting the knowledge in place. Very few of the practices in use or the reasons or results of using the knowledge management practices indicated a strong willingness on the part of firms to share their knowledge with competitors or between work-sites.

Issue Number: 2002006
Author(s): Earl, Louise
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PDFApril 19, 2002

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