Measuring the Networked Economy - ARCHIVED

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The networked economy involves economic and social actors and the links that tie them together. The information and communication technologies that provide the links are changing, as are the electronic products that they deliver. This requires the statistical office to introduce new surveys and to develop and use relevant industrial and product classifications. As technology changes, so does the way of doing business and trade in a global economy, with implications for statistics on labour, balance of payments and prices, and, more generally for the whole System of National Accounts. While the networked economy is the way of the future, there are people and businesses that cannot participate fully and there is a need for statistical information about them. This paper looks at these issues, at the statistics that are being developed, and at some of the gaps that are arising.

Issue Number: 2002002
Author(s): Gault, Fred; Messinger, Hans
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PDFMarch 13, 2002

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