A Framework for Enhanced Estimations of Higher Education and Health R&D Expenditures - ARCHIVED

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In the spring of 1999, the Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division of Statistics Canada (SIEID) decided to review the methods it uses to estimate Higher Education R&D Expenditures (HERD) and Health Gross Expenditures on R&D (Health GERD). The manner in which research is performed and funded in Canadian universities and research hospitals has evolved in recent years, and current methodologies may not take these changes into account. By improving HERD, the health GERD estimates will also benefit. It may be possible to improve them yet again by building upon recent work at Statistics Canada on biotechnology R&D in Canadian Industry.

In September 1999, an initial study and its recommendations generated a positive reaction from a group of professionals in the university and health research fields. SIEID then created a Working Group and hired a facilitator to examine current estimation methods, to recommend revisions where appropriate, and to produce a framework for an improved program in this area. This document is the final report written by the facilitator, Mireille Brochu.

Issue Number: 2000003
Author(s): Brochu, Mireille
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PDFMay 23, 2001