Measuring the Attractiveness of R&D Tax Incentives: Canada and Major Industrial Countries - ARCHIVED

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This second edition of R&D tax treatment in Canada: a provincial comparison, uses a method developed by the Conference Board of Canada to compare the tax incentives to do research and development (R&D) in each of the provinces. The results contribute to the analysis of regional differences in science and technology activity in Canada, as part of the work of the Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division of Statistics Canada.

An example of a regional difference is the tax incentive to do R&D in a province. There is the federal Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax programme, which has regional variations. Six out of ten provinces have their own incentive programmes and tax rates which differ from province to province. The B-Index analysis of the Conference Board provides a means of comparing tax incentives and of providing an indicator.

Issue Number: 1999010
Author(s): Warda, Jacek
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PDFDecember 24, 1999