Estimates of Gross Expenditures on Research and Development in the Health Field in Canada, 1970 to 1998 - ARCHIVED

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For the first time, estimates of expenditures on research and development in the health field. As part of on-going efforts to improve science and technology statistics in Canada, today's estimates result from consultations and work done for many organizations with an interest in health research and development statistics. Initial findings indicate health is a major area for research and development with almost $1 out of every $6 research dollars in Canada being spent in the health field. In 1998, an estimated $2.3 billion dollars was spent on health R&D done in universities, teaching hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government laboratories and private non-profit organizations. Health R&D accounted for 16% of total R&D expenditures.

Issue Number: 1999004
Author(s): Plaus, Bert
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