Corrections Key Indicator Report for Adults and Young Offenders - ARCHIVED

Tables: 85-222-X


This publication provides timely correctional population data for adults and young offenders. The data are reported by month, for each correctional jurisdiction (province/territory and federal) and by security status for adult offenders in custody. Summary data on supervised probationers are also included. The publication also provides young offender data by province/territory, by custody status, by month, as well as data on young offenders on supervised probation. The data presented in the report cover a five-year monthly time series. Data analysis, definitions, data quality measures and a glossary are also part of this publication. Statistics are derived from an ongoing data tables collection process conducted bi-annually since 1987.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Author(s): Mongeon, Ginette; Reed, Micheline
Available formats: PDF (discontinued), Microfiche (discontinued), Paper (discontinued)