Police resources in Canada, 2019

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This Juristat article examines trends in police resources for Canada, the provinces and territories, and select police services. The number of police officers per 100,000 population (rate of police strength) is presented for each of the national, provincial/territorial, and for select police services. Information on police rank, age group, hiring, departures, eligibility to retire, part-time positions, and long-term leave are provided, as well as the number of Indigenous peoples and visible minority self-identified at national, provincial/ territorial levels and/or for select police services. Additionally, detailed data on operating expenditures and capital expenditures on policing (a component of justice system spending) are presented for the national and provincial/territorial levels. Lastly, information on the number of civilians and special constables, their duties and functions in police services and information on current and emerging issues related to policing are presented at various levels.

Issue Number: 2020001
Author(s): Conor, Patricia; Amey, Suzanne; Sauvé, Julie; Marcellus, Sharon; Carrière, Sophie

Main Product: Juristat

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