Youth Self-Reported Delinquency, Toronto, 2006 - ARCHIVED

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This Juristats contains the first highlights of the International Youth Survey (IYS). It is the Canadian version of the International Self-Reported Delinquency Study that was conducted in over 30 countries in 2006. This survey addresses several questions and issues that are closely linked to youth delinquency and will allow for international comparisons on such issues. In Canada, the survey was conducted with the Toronto District School Board and certain private schools. More than 3,200 youth in grades 7 to 9 participated during the spring of 2006.

The report examines the prevalence of various delinquent behaviours and analyzes acts of violence and acts against property separately. The report also examines risk factors for youth delinquency, such as alcohol and drug use, the quality of parent-youth relationships, parental supervision and delinquent friends. The prevalence of youth victimization is also examined.

Issue Number: 2007006
Author(s): Savoie, Josée

Main Product: Juristat

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