Sexual offences in Canada - ARCHIVED

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This issue of Juristat presents statistical information on the extent and nature of sexual offences in Canada. Rates of sexual offences are examined at the national and provincial/territorial levels and for major metropolitan areas. Data used in the report include police statistics from the Uniform Crime Reporting Survey and the Homicide Survey and court data from the Adult Criminal Court Survey and the Youth Court Survey. This Juristat also presents analysis from the 1999 General Social Survey on Victimization and takes into account historical and recent amendments to the Criminal Code concerning sexual offences. Other topics include child pornography, trafficking of persons for the purpose of sexual exploitation, child prostitution, dating violence and homicides involving sexual violence.

Issue Number: 2003006
Author(s): Beattie, Sara; Cardillo, Andrea; Johnson, Holly; Kong, Rebecca

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFJuly 25, 2003