Case processing in criminal courts, 1999/00 - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 85-002-X20020018399


This series of reports provides detailed statistics and analysis on a variety of topics and issues concerning Canada's justice system. The Juristat, Case Processing in Criminal Courts, 1999/00, summarizes trends from provincial/territorial courts across Canada, which provided data to the Adult Criminal Court Survey (ACCS), and the Youth Court Survey (YCS). The primary focus of this Juristat is the nature and extent of case processing time (elapsed time), with emphasis on those factors which have the greatest impact on the length of time it takes a case to be processed in the court system.

Issue Number: 2002001
Author(s): Grimes, Graig; Pereira, Jennifer

Main Product: Juristat

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PDFFebruary 7, 2002