Canadian crime statistics, 1996 - ARCHIVED

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This report is an examination of crime data reported to the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) survey during 1996. The data are presented within the context of both short and long term trends. Every year since 1962, Canada's police agencies have reported incidents that come to their attention to the UCR survey. Analyses in this report focus on trends in violent crime, property crime, impaired driving offences, drug offences and yotuth crime. Crime rates are examined at the national, provincial/territorial and major metropolitan levels. The trend in Canada's crime rate is put into perspective by comparing it with trends in police-reported crime form the United States and England and Wales. Also, comparisons between Canadian crime statistics and results from a recent victimization survey are drawn. Specific types of violent crime such as "home- invasions", wife assault and violent incidents involving weapons continue to be a concern to Canadians. Due to limits in the way crime statistics are collected from Canada's police agencies, it has traditionally been difficults to measure these areas. While national statistics are still unavailable, this Juristat will, for the first time, present trends for these crimes as reported by a sample of police agencies from 1993 to 1996.

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Author(s): Kong, Rebecca

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