Health State Descriptions for Canadians: Cancers - ARCHIVED

Surveys and statistical programs – Documentation: 82-619-M2005001


This document examines the functional limitations - physical, emotional and social -experienced by patients at the time of diagnosis of cancer and as they undergo various treatments, remission, and palliative and terminal care. These functional limitations are described and classified using the Classification and Measurement System of Functional Health (CLAMES).

These descriptions and classifications are the first step in a new approach to measuring the health of Canadians that examines what factors are adversely affecting population health and how to address them. This document also provides health professionals, advocacy groups, and individual Canadians with an overview of how living with cancer affects day-to-day functioning.

Issue Number: 2005001
Author(s): Connor Gorber, Sarah; Evans, William K.; Spence, Selene; Will, Phyllis
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HTMLAugust 16, 2005
PDFAugust 16, 2005