Where do 15- to -17-year-olds in Canada get their sexual health information?

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Description: Sexual health education delivered in school, provided by parents, or provided by other formal sources has been associated with increased rates of condom use and improvements in many other sexual risk behaviours. Friends and the internet are other information sources, although quality and accuracy of information are not always as high. The objective of this study is to update Canadian information about sources of sex education self-reported by adolescents and the related resource of having an adult to talk with about puberty and sexual health. Data from the 2019 Canadian Health Survey on Children and Youth were used to examine the sources typically used to obtain sexual health information by 15- to 17-year-olds, as well as the prevalence and characteristics of adolescents reporting not having an adult to talk with about sexual health and puberty.
Issue Number: 2024001
Author(s): Rotermann, Michelle; McKay, Alexander

Main Product: Health Reports

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