Unperceived hearing loss among Canadians aged 40 to 79

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The Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) provides a unique opportunity to examine the characteristics of the population with unperceived hearing loss-a term that refers to those who do not self-report a hearing impairment despite having some audiometrically measured hearing loss. Data from cycles 3 (2012 to 2013) and 4 (2014 to 2015) of the CHMS were combined and used to examine the adult population aged 40 to 79 years with unperceived hearing loss. The analysis describes the prevalence of audiometrically measured hearing loss and self-reported hearing impairment. The prevalence of unperceived hearing loss was examined by selected sociodemographic, health and other characteristics.

Issue Number: 2019008
Author(s): Ramage-Morin, Pamela; Banks, Rex; Pineault, Dany; Atrach, Maha

Main Product: Health Reports

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