How Healthy Are Canadians? Annual Report 2004, Vol. 15 - ARCHIVED

Articles and reports: 82-003-S2004000


Focus on Mental Health is the fifth report in the Statistics Canada series How Healthy Are Canadians? It contains four articles. Analysis is based on data from the 2002 Canadian Community Health Survey: Mental Health and Well-being.

Social anxiety disorder : beyond shyness provides prevalence estimates of social anxiety disorder (also known as social phobia) among the Canadian population aged 15 or older. The age of onset, duration of symptoms and relationship with other mental disorders are discussed. To assess the burden of social anxiety disorder, associations with social support, functional disability and quality of life are examined. The number of people who sought treatment to help them deal with their social fears is also explored.

Bipolar I disorder, social support and work estimates of the prevalence of symptoms consistent with bipolar I disorder among Canadians aged 15 or older are presented. The analysis focuses on factors associated with employment among people who have the disorder.

Panic disorder and coping examines the prevalence of panic disorder, by selected socio-demographic characteristics. Comparisons are made between people with a history of panic disorder and those who have never experienced this illness, in relation to chronic physical conditions, other mental health disorders, work status and coping.

Alcohol and illicit drug dependence estimates the prevalence of alcohol and illicit drug dependence. Relationships between alcohol and illicit drug use and depression are analysed.

Issue Number: 2004000
Volume: 15
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PDFDecember 23, 2004