The Performance of Canada's Youth in Reading, Mathematics and Science. PISA 2009 First Results for Canadians Aged 15 - ARCHIVED

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This report provides the first pan-Canadian results of the PISA 2009 assessment of reading, mathematics and science by presenting the national and provincial results in order to complement the information presented in the PISA 2009 International report. Results are compared to other participating countries and across Canadian provinces. Chapter 1 provides information on the performance of Canadian 15-year-old students on the PISA 2009 assessment in reading. Chapter 2 presents results on the performance of Canada and the provinces in the minor domains of mathematics and science. Finally, the major findings and opportunities for further study are discussed in the conclusion.

Issue Number: 2010001
Author(s): Brochu, Pierre; Gluszynski, Tomasz; Knighton, Tamara
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