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This article focuses on the incidence of job-related education and training among the population and among workers, differentiating whether or not the training activities were employer-supported. It also explores the likelihood of receiving job-related education and training in 1993 using two complementary statistical approaches: first, a direct reading of the distribution of participants in education and training compared with the distribution of the population, divided by major characteristics; and, second, the use of a statistical technique (logistic regression) that considers each characteristic while taking others into account. In the analysis, several characteristics were retained: four demographic characteristics (sex, age, educational attainment and province of residence) and seven labour market variables (labour market status, occupation, industry, job tenure, company size, total income and union status). (For the logistic regression analysis, all these variables were decomposed into a series of dichotomous variables).

Issue Number: 1997001
Author(s): De Broucker, Patrice
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PDFMay 30, 1997