Low-income statistics for the population living on reserve and in the North using the 2016 Census

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This paper presents low-income statistics from the 2016 Census for the population residing in Indigenous communities (on reserve), in the North and in Inuit Nunangat. The selected measure for the paper is the low-income measure, after-tax computed from the household incomes, adjusted for household size, of the whole population of Canada, including those residing on reserve and in the territories. Results are presented for Canada overall as well as for the population residing on reserve, in the territories and in Inuit Nunangat, which includes Inuvialuit Region of the Northwest Territories, Nunavik in Quebec and Nunatsiavut in Labrador. Methodological considerations in the application of the Low-income measure to these geographies are also discussed.

Issue Number: 2021005
Author(s): Harding, Adriene; St-Denis, Xavier
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