Employment Insurance Coverage Survey Custom Tabulations

Service: 73C0005


This service provides custom tabulations from the Employment Insurance Coverage Survey. The survey provides the following data: whether a person claimed, or did not claim for Employment Insurance (E.I.); whether benefits were received during reference week, reference month, or since last job; why benefits were not received; last job: insurability, record of employment (ROE), separation payments; notification of layoff, expectation of recall, job search intensity, reservation wage and job prospects; sources of income and funds, main source of income, sufficiency of income. In addition to this, all Labour Force Survey (LFS) demographic and labour force status related information is also available on the analysis database of the survey.

Frequency: Occasional
Price notes:

The cost of each custom product is based on the time required to produce it according to the client's requirements. The hourly rate is $91.37

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