Market Research Handbook - ARCHIVED

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The handbook is designed to be a comprehensive source of socio-economic statistics for all those who study the Canadian consumer market - market researchers, strategists, product planners and sales leaders. The broad range of data is equally relevant to consumer and to business-to-business marketing. The data present profiles of key industries, including the small business sector, as well as of consumers in all the provinces and the 45 major cities across Canada. International trade data, households, families and selected economic indicators, to name a few, provide useful information for businesses seeking to expand or develop new product lines. As well as including data from the 2001 Census and a wide range of other surveys, the 2006 edition also incorporates a number of features designed to make it more user-friendly. Features include a user's guide, annotated charts to reveal salient trends, data sources, and references to CANSIM.


This product has been discontinued as of March 2008. The last issue of this publication was Market Research Handbook, 2008 Edition.

Status: Discontinued
Frequency: Annual
Available formats: HTML (discontinued), PDF (discontinued), Paper (discontinued)