Wheels of change: Employment in Canada's trucking industry, 1988-1994 - ARCHIVED

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"If you've got it, a truck brought it." When you stop to think about it, an increasing number of the things we use are transported to market for at least part of the way, by truck. The trucking industry is becoming increasingly important to the transportation sector of the Canadian economy. This growing importance can be attributed to several factors including the deregulation of transportation, the surge in trade with the United States and the evolving structure of the industry itself. It is within this context that concern for labour issues, including a driver shortage, has been voiced. The demands on drivers have increased, driver training is inadequate and as a result, there is a perceived shortage of qualified drivers. This study examines employment in the trucking industry from 1988 to 1994 by looking at various sources of employment data at Statistics Canada.

Issue Number: 1997001
Author(s): McKeown, Larry; Rea, Willa
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PDFFebruary 2, 1998